Original About Us from 2008

Motor Car Market was founded for the enthusiast who believes stick shift and rear-wheel drive is the only way to travel. But also for those needing a leg up on alternative fuel vehicles and a clean, easy to follow resource guide to everything automotive.

This online magazine is dedicated to:
Automobiles most of us can afford, under $20,000. But more important, the combination of those under $20K that are stick shift and rear-wheel drive.
The future of electric, hybrid and fuel cell cars and their makers.
A comprehensive collection of websites, forums, car clubs, sales, service, etc. for each marque that has stick shift and rear-wheel drive vehicles in their lineup regardless of price.
Resources we all need to navigate the world of automobiles such as DMVs, schools, museums, magazines, car buying portals, auction houses, etc.
In addition to the current issue and resources, you can look for Grusche’s Gray Matter, a monthly column of industry insight and interviews. The goal is to provide a unique perspective to market challenges and opportunities based on a diverse portfolio of automotive experience.

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Paul Grusche

Paul Grusche

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Ernest Moran

Founder Autobiography – I’m fast approaching a 20 year career in the auto industry that began at Automobile Magazine with David E. Davis Jr. at the helm. Actually, it began sooner than that as the son of a career automotive man, Harry Grusche, who worked at several top Detroit agencies on domestic and international business. Harry also ran the Hyundai advertising account during their hayday in the late 80’s, early 90’s.

Editor & Publisher
I was grandson to a factory worker who stamped body panels in 20 ton presses and always had a nack for cars. His brother, my great Uncle, retired a career Ford employee after 40 years. They both were a testament to their own father’s dreams, my great grandfather, who brought his family over from Italy to Detroit to work at Ford for $5 a day.
My career has been founded in the passion and family business of automotive that spans agency, manufacturer and interactive account work coupled with a BA in Marketing from Michigan State University. On the agency side, I spent many years at organizations such as RPA on Honda and Acura sales training business, Bozell Detroit (now BBDO) on Chrysler and Jeep dealer business, plus The Cobalt Group on Mercedes-Benz and Subaru. At eVox Productions, which specialized in 360-degree digital and CGI automotive photography, I strategically interfaced with internet data, buying portals and OEM marketing managers.

Devoted to stick shift and rear-wheel drive.
While at Kia Motors America, I had the opportunity to help bring the only automotive startup in America since Saturn to their nationwide expansion. Currently, I am a partner at Ultramercial. Ultramercial patented value-exchange advertising and has worked with almost all of the major auto manufacturers. However, throughout this time my hobby and passion has always been collecting, driving, working on cars and painting.
For a trip down memory lane of some recent cars I’ve owned, visit Groosh’s Garage.

Also visit Groosh.com for a look at my artwork.