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Why Stick Shift with Rear-Wheel Drive?

Where would we be without stick shifts?
For the enthusiast, there may be nothing more satisfying than dropping the clutch for a thrilling launch, all four limbs motoring about in synchronicity as you counter steer the burn out — clutch — shift — then hit the gas on your way to triple digits.

Can’t find ‘em grind ‘em

For the habitual A-to-B driver, there may be nothing more frustrating than trying to let the clutch out slowly, maintaining engine revs by RPMs not pedal placement, as your bobble-head passenger wonders how many years just got burned off their clutch disc. God forbid you ever encounter a hill.

AutoPacific, an automotive research and consulting firm, says the 90% of the U.S. car market is comprised of automatics. Ninety percent. Nine zero. If I brought that number home on a school paper, it would end up on the fridge. Does anyone see what’s happening? The man is phasing out stick shifts. The only people who order manual transmissions are immigrants with D-paper living the American debt dream and a few obsessed car guys.

Sure, we could blame ourselves and say that global warming is making us push manufacturers to higher CAFE standards and tighter emissions controls. And what better way to achieve that then through automatic transmissions that gives engineers the ultimate engine management controls? If we are talking about hybrids, an electric motor has 100% of the torque from a dead stop. Engineers don’t even need a gearbox. And speaking of gearbox, who wants to shift one constantly during rush hour? Ask a BMW dealer in Southern California to test drive a manual and they’ll tell you “I can order one for ya, it’ll take about eight weeks.” Well then, aren’t we living in a geographical oddity.

For the few of us that love the feel of sliding out the rear end of a car plus the ultimate control of clutch pedal, gas, brake with an arm extension coupled straight to the engine, we give you Motor Car Market. Devoted to Stick Shift and Rear-Wheel Drive™.